Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Z - Zoids: The Battle Begins! Robot Dinosaurs kick off...

Ending this years blog challenge with a bit of an usual game, fittingly right at the end. Part strategy, part shoot em up, Zoids: The Battle Begins borrows it's theme from the toyline and later a comic book series, but make for a surprising game to say the least. For an early attempt to see the world as it is, from the perspective of the Spiderzoid you inhabit. Using it's control instruments you have to navigate the world, track down provisions and destroy enemies. Hard to work out at times, and not easy with the audio, Zoids is an oddity for sure and memorable all the same. Ambitious, but the model kits remain far better.

Honourable Mentions - Z, and not much else....

Amstrad Coverart - Disc Version


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Y - Yie Ar Kung-Fu! Wild West Martial Arts...

This was one of the those titles which found it's way into my tape deck by complete accident. I was searching for an Amstrad conversion of Kung-Fu Master, and in my small child mind thought this may be the same game. So, I bought it, got home and.... nope, different. After the initial disappointment, I settled into this which turned out to be a no bad. Technically my first one-on-one beat em up, and quick static moves, and ridiculous jumps and hardness had me coming back for more. Soon afterwards, I discovered an actual port of Kung-Fu Master, and not this day cannot decide which of these hand-chopping titles is better.

Honourable Mentions - For Y?? Nope...

Amstrad Coverart - Tape Version


Monday, 28 April 2014

X - X-Out! Not Influenced by R-Type at all...

Rainbow Arts had a good time during the late nineties with all the home computers, 8 and 16 bit, and one of the most memorable is due to it's kinship with previous and famous scrolling shoot em ups. X-Out, sometimes known as Cross-Out, is a colourful, compact, imaginative and nifty game which draws big cues from Cybernoid, Xenon and of course, R-Type. In an underwater setting, enemies are mostly biological but it doesn't take a genius to see where the inspirations came from. Even the cover art as a giant baddie who looks very similar to R-Type's first end of the level boss. Is plays more like Cybernoid however due to the water locale, and is a fine game outright. Difficult, as all old skool shooters are, the title is one that is remembered among the home computer generation.

Honourable Mentions - Xanagrams, Xybots, Xenon.

X-Out Promo Poster