Saturday, 19 April 2014

Q - Quartet! Four is NOT the Magic Number...

This Sega arcade platform shooter was a storming hit back in 1986, and made a very nice transfer the Sega's own 8-bit console. The Amstrad version, much like it's rivals suffered from a rushed port, dodgy graphics and jerky gameplay. I note it chiefly because is was one of the very titles I bought with my pocket money, because it looked awesome on the box. It's disappointing to play now, and ruins my good memories of it. Still, despite being a bit of a CPC turkey, the original is a classic game.

Honourable Mentions - Erm..... Q*Bert? No, that didn't come to amstrad!

Amstrad Coverart - Tape Version


Friday, 18 April 2014

P - Power Drift! I've Got the Power...

In 1988, Sega put out yet another racer to combine the speed out Outrun with a competitive edge and more of the stunt racing feel. Power Drift was the result and became a popular port to many systems of the era. This was my very first full-priced game I received as a gift, with it's card box and posh instructions I was a very excited mini-bug. The punk on the coverart looked hardcore too. The game itself is good, but far from great with a general slow pace and iffy scaling. The rollercoaster style tracks are present however, and make for a bit of a good racing session. More power required to be a true classic, if you get my drift.

Honourable Mentions - Paperboy, Pang, Prehistorik.

Amstrad Coverart - Tape & Disc version


Thursday, 17 April 2014

O - Oh Mummy! Treasure maze and monsters...

Maze games were hugely abundant after the success of PacMan, so its no surprise one of the release titles from Amstrad's own software house was going to hang on the coat-tails of Mr Man. A grid layout shown in various colour swaps, Oh Mummy has you running around a room (pyramid) a a digger to find the treasure and escape the mummies by circling the tombs. Endlessly playing to the tune of 'The Streets of Cairo', this is a simple game both graphically and in gameplay, but it is weirdly addictive. One of the best Amsoft titles in all honestly, CPC gamers far and wide have most likely played this into the wee hours until the parents said ' bed time now!' to which the response would have been...'Oh Mummy....'

Honourable Mentions - Operation Wolf, Operation Thunderbolt, Outrun.

Amstrad CPC Coverart - Tape Version